Using local ingredients to make zero-waste soap for extra sensitive skin

After struggling for years with extra-sensitive skin, a Master of Science student asked herself a question: why do these skincare products - supposedly made for sensitive skin - hurt my skin so much? After many failed trips to different dermatologists, she began to research natural skincare.

Trained in a laboratory but with a passion for makeup and skincare, our founder began to research the ingredients and processes used to make each product in her routine. After years of exploring different raw ingredients and combinations, she found a handful of combinations and products that worked well for her skin. One of these discoveries was her own special formula soap.

Based in Gardiner, Maine, our company is dedicated to making soaps for people with extra-sensitive skin, while using ingredients sourced from local farms. We here at Shire Suds are passionate about sustainability, efficiency, and waste-free production. Our locally-sourced ingredients -- the whey and the lard -- are typically considered the waste products from the dairy and meat industries. This helps to consume waste generated by local farms. In an effort to eliminate the generation of waste during our process, we turn the trimmings and leftovers from making beautiful bars of soap into either travel-friendly soap balls, or decorations for our Vanilla Cupcake soap.

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